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Thursday , 23 May 2024

IRTE’s Student Traffic Volunteers educates road users







On the occasion of Road Safety 2012 in New Delhi, student traffic volunteers from the Institute of Road Traffic Education (IRTE)’s Student Traffic Volunteers Scholarship Scheme (STVS) interacted with motorists and pedestrians at different places in the city, giving them special pamphlets. These pamphlets carried messages, educating and creating awareness on the proper use of seat belts, crossing the road safely, using helmets according to law, respecting the right of way of pedestrians, and observing discipline at bus stops. The programme was carried out at the Ashram, W- Point, Rajghat, ITO, Hari Nagar intersections in the city. The STVS scheme, which encourages student participation in traffic management and education, provides valuable support to the efforts of the local traffic police. The scheme has been sponsored since 2006 by Hyundai Motors as a part of its corporate social responsibility efforts.

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