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Thursday , 20 June 2024

Interview with: Aman Kishore, In-house products and technologies make Vaaan Infra A one stop shop for transportation solutions

VaaaN Infra Pvt Ltd is a fast growing company in Toll Management Systems, Highway Traffic Management Systems, Weigh-in-Motion and Electronic Toll Collection. Its Managing Director Aman Kishore tells TrafficInfraTech that its local manufacturing and integration capacities benefit the concessionaires.

Can you elaborate on your various IT solutions including the automated Toll Collection Systems?

At VaaaN Infra, we have set up strong local infrastructure to develop, design and implement Traffic and Transportation Management Applications and Solutions. Our automated toll and traffic management solutions are the outcome of several years of experience of our team in this industry, and with local manufacturing, assembly, testing, training and development facilities, we have exceptional capacity to deliver and serve projects over their life cycle.

The core team at VaaaN comprises dynamic and dedicated professionals from the transportation industry. Together, the members bring significant technical, operational, financial and business management skills to VaaaN.

Some of our key strengths are:

  • Experienced On-ground Operations & Technical team
  • Technology, Design & Development Center in India
  • In-house Systems Integration & Manufacturing Setup
  • Testing & Training facility

What projects is VaaaN Infra currently working on?

In a short span since our inception in early 2011, we have been awarded some key projects for implementation of about 200 toll lanes. We have initiated the operations on a few projects such as the Mumbai Entry Points Toll System that caters to very heavy traffic of about 100,000 vehicles per day, and some of our projects are under various stages of implementation. We are also deploying Tolling Solutions for key Concessionaires like Ideal Road Builders, RIDCOR – IL&FS, SMSIL, etc. We are currently implementing about 200 Toll Lanes all across India.

What is VaaaN’s USP?

VaaaN is self-contained. We produce our own AVC & TLC Electronics as well as some key lane level components under strict quality control. Our toll system, tollMax, comes with the most advanced software which deploys innovative in-built features minimising leakages and thus, increasing revenue. The software has been developed in-house by our own team of trained Software Developers. Thus, the customisation needs can be handled with minimum lead times and minimal additional investments. We have also launched smartWeigh, the slow speed weigh in motion system with a unique feature which adds greater accuracies to vehicle classification.

How do VaaaN’s local manufacturing and integration capacities benefit the concessionaires?

Our local capacity enables us to develop and manufacture key toll hardware and software components which limit our dependence on foreign suppliers. This directly benefits in mitigating the risk owing to shipment delays, foreign currency fluctuations, custom duties, product obsolescence, customisation requirements, and market-technology mismatch. Based on our experience, these risks are normally attributed to most of the imported solutions available in the market.

Further, the concessionaires do not need to stock spares and block their cash in maintaining huge inventories as all key components are locally available. The project operations throughout the life cycle are hugely benefited with constant technology upgrades, and negligible downtime.

Can you provide some details on your AVC Solution?

We can implement Non-intrusive (Vehicle Profiling) as well as Treadle based AVC depending upon the project requirements. Our vehicle classification also utilises vehicle weight data making the AVC more accurate, and enabling better segregation between LCV and Trucks. We are also working with some new technologies such as video analytics and the product shall be launched soon.

A brief overview of the New Products/Technologies…

  • AVC Solutions for Computerised Border Check Post (BCP) Projects.
  • Data Collection Services for Concessionaires using advanced Video Analytics.
  • Revenue Assurance Programme – A Unique Initiative where we provide Comprehensive Toll Audit Services to safeguard concessionaires’ investments. Based on system, operation and process audits, we suggest curative remedies for revenue assurance.
  • Bridge Protection System – Weight Data Collection Surveys for bridges/flyovers to detect strain and traffic load characterisation. This break-through technology can assess the current stress/fatigue levels for the bridge infrastructure by taking into account the deflections caused by vehicular movement. Based on these surveys, the residual life and maintenance requirements can be determined.
  • Weight based Tolling with Pre-Class AVC.

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