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Thursday , 30 May 2024

TagMaster to collaborate with Siemens Mobility

TagMaster, a well known Swedish RFID solutions provider, has announced that it will be a part of Siemens Mobility’s solutions for better traffic management and Selective Vehicle Detection (SDV). TagMaster’s long-range RFID readers and ID-tags will play a critical part in Siemens Mobility’s solutions. The company’s mobility solution was presented at the recent Traffex trade show which was held in Birmingham, UK. The long range RFID readers ensure that the readers can be installed by mounting them onto any existing roadside infrastructure such as traffic light poles and lighting columns. This makes for quick and easy installation and maintenance, with a minimum disturbance to the flow of traffic. The ID-tags are mounted easily on the windscreens of vehicles. Each vehicle will be associated with a unique ID-tag, and can be read an unlimited number of times at long distances from the readers at normal traffic speeds. This eliminates the need for the vehicles to slow down thereby doing away with the disruption in the flow of traffic. Large fleet owners can install all their vehicles with TagMaster ID-tags and get reliable, accurate and up-to-date data of all their vehicles. The new solution is especially useful in situations where it is not possible to have traffic stops at barriers such as multi-lane free flow traffic. TagMaster RFID products are being used in various types of installations all over the world ranging from vehicle identification to railroad systems.

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