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Thursday , 23 May 2024

Innovative Swing Bridge

The Scale Lane Bridge over the River Hull, the UK, opened recently, offers people the unique and memorable experience of riding on the bridge while it opens and closes. Its form and material give it a distinctive and tough character, appropriate to its context and Hull?s industrial and maritime heritage.

The client?s brief was for a new pedestrian/cycle bridge that would become an iconic landmark, increase connectivity across the city, unlock regeneration potential of the east bank, and increase use of the river frontage. It required navigation clearances to be maintained at all times for small boats and the bridge to open for larger boats. The circular hub element counterbalances the opening cantilever section and is large enough to contain a (rotating) caf? space with viewing deck above. Its geometry means the walkway is always in contact with the west bank as it slowly rotates, allowing people to safely walk on and off while it is actually moving. As well as opening for large boats, the council regularly opens the bridge as an event to attract visitors.


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