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Wednesday , 29 May 2024

Hybrid car that runs at 140kmph in 10 seconds

Spanish company TECNALIA (The Tecnalia Technological Corporation) recently presented its experimental vehicle DYNACAR®— an electric car that can reach a speed of 140 kilometres per hour in 10 seconds. TECNALIA had been working on enhanced configuration and virtual evaluation tools that enable the development and integration of new solutions for hybrid and fully electric vehicles since the last five years. The presentation of DYNACAR® took place at the International Eco Friendly Vehicles & Sustainable Mobility exhibition in Madrid in May this year. From the exterior, Dynacar looks like a two-seater, equipped with a dedicated instrument panel that allows a neat validation of the systems related to longitudinal and lateral dynamics. With a total weight of 700kg, it uses a single-shell, high-rigidity lightweight chassis of steel and aluminium alloy, with an adjustable deformable parallelogram suspension system for the four wheels.

The vehicle will be adapted to run on the open road by 2011. At present it is being used to develop and validate new concepts in high-powered electric traction, as well as active systems that enable maximum benefit to be squeezed from new propulsion systems such as torque vectoring, ADAS systems for electric vehicles or the concepts of distributed traction by means of incorporating in-wheel motors or regenerative braking.

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