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Friday , 14 June 2024

Gurgaon Rapid Metro conducts trial run

A trial run of the Gurgaon Rapid Metro was recently conducted by the Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda. The Rapid Metro is 5.1km long and cost about Rs. 1088 crore to build. The trial run was completed in a short time of 2 months. The Metro is expected to help take about 60,000 vehicles off the road and reduce annual carbon emission by about 90,000 tonnes. The trains have a seating capacity of 1000 passengers and a maximum speed of 80km/hr. The coaches are made of aluminium and hence lighter in weight, but are scratch proof and smooth. The light weight of the coaches means lesser maintenance and noise when the train moves. The noise level in the train is further reduced due to sound absorbing cushions in the walls of the coaches and more buffing on the doors. The air conditioners in the coaches use a scroll compressor system which is sealed and produces minimal noise. The power supply for the trains is provided by a 750V DC third rail system. This avoids overhead power wires and makes the Metro aesthetically more pleasing. The third rail is insulated from all sides to provide safety against electrocution. CCTV cameras in all the coaches plus cameras outside the coaches enable the driver to check the entry and exit of passengers from the train, and monitor passenger behaviour inside the train.


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