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Wednesday , 10 April 2024

Greentech ITS

Toll Management System

GreenTech ITS Toll Management system helps collect revenue from road users to cover the cost of construction of new roads, repairs and maintenance of existing roads and the expenses of installing the system in the first place. The fees depend on the type of vehicle, weight and distance travelled. A high level of security needs to be assured as well, as considerable amounts of cash are collected on a daily basis. Our key emphasis in our electronic toll collection system is to facilitate effortless functioning, ease in operations & better usability

Highway Traffic Management System

GreenTech ITS Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) is a more sophisticated version of a Highway Traffic Management System (HTMS). An ATMS uses advanced technologies and data analytics to monitor and control traffic on a roadway in real-time. Our System can be effectively integrated to achieve overall coordination of traffic and highway operations and management, and it can provide road users with more up-to-date, convenient and diverse traffic information, safe travel, to improve the highway operation efficiency and road safety.

Electronic Toll Connection System

GreenTech ITS delivered India’s best robust RFID-based Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) System with seamless traffic transition and nonstop single-tag vehicle movement.

GreenTech ITS ETC system can help reduce traffic congestion at toll plazas by allowing vehicles to pass through tollbooths without having to stop and pay the toll as per National Highway Authority of India standard.

Advanced Artificial Intelligence Based Solution

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Solution: Our ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) works on real time Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for accurately reading to store the images captured by the cameras as well as the text from the license plate along with a photograph of the driver. It combines hardware and software with sophisticated computer vision and machine learning technology to analyse live feed through camera to capture the number plate and recognize vehicle number of a vehicle. The system shall enable easy retrieval of snapshots, video and generate suitable MIS reports for post incident analysis. On successful recognition of the vehicle number plate, system generates automatic alarm to alert the control room for vehicles which have been marked as “Wanted”, “Suspicious”, and “Stolen”. This solution can be used for various purposes, including toll collection, law enforcement, and traffic management, highway traffic management, smart tolling etc.

Weigh in Motion System

SafeWeigh is our Weigh in Motion System which provides the most suitable solution for weight based tolling. It is designed to weigh heavy vehicles of any size with superior accuracy while ensuring ease of maintenance. This facilitates an increase in the through put at Toll Plazas by processing the vehicles in seconds.

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