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Wednesday , 10 April 2024

Mobile Digital Video Recorders

MDVRs are mounted camera systems that allow fleet operations centers to monitor their vehicles and drivers in real-time. In taxis and buses, one would often find a range of onboard cameras in various areas, ranging from in-vehicle and street-facing to load tracking and blind spots, or customer and cash-point surveillance.

To meet challenges like pickpocketing on public transport, traffic violations, attacks on cash vans or VIP vehicles, and vibrations and shocks in vehicles that impact the hardware components can be met with MDVR camera systems

Declaat India’s HD Cameras in vehicles, ships, cargos etc. can create a safer transportation environment. Sensor integration with MDVR helps reduce costs for vandalism and graffiti. Live monitoring and GPS tracking monitor cargo and property.

Two way talk which reduce incident response time. The other features include GPS to tag the video evidence with current location; 3G/4G/5G to communicate with control room in real-time for monitoring & instant report; Wi-Fi to connect with emergency control room & auto download the recorded video and 14built-in OBD Sensor check the health status of the device.

Declaat MDVR automatically download the video recording once vehicle reaches the depot, via WIFI.

Other Features

  • Supports 8V~36V pwer supply for MDVR and 6V~36V for MNVR
  • It is compatible with all kind of transportation systems
  • Built-in G sensor to analyse the driving quality
  • Sensor integration such as fuel sensor, door contact etc. to design perfect solution for transport .

Ongoing & Completed projects

  • GMR Airport Hyderabad – 200 Security IP Cameras & 60 Solar 4G Devices across 10 Acres of Open Land.
  • Police Department Amaravathi – Deployed 180 MDVRs Solutions to Police & Ambulance Vehicles.
  • Puri Police Department was provided with 200 WIFI Body Worn Cameras for Police Department.
  • Ashok Leyland – 300Pc of MDVR, Dashcams & Fleet Management were deployed
  • Currently working on an NHAI Contract project with 800 Solar Cameras in NH 21
  • Smart City Project in Port Blair

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