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Friday , 19 April 2024

Facilitating alignment of technology with businesses

With a pan India presence across over 100+ locations, CMS Computers Limited is a leading Systems Integrator with deep expertise across IT and IoT. As the Real and IT world converges, the company is using its IoT, software platform and IT expertise to improve adoption and reach of IT as well as use various pricing models to deliver client ROI. Anil Menon, CEO discusses with TrafficInfraTech the company’s unparalleled record of innovation, indigenous R&D, technology integration as well as support services.

CMS is fully geared to transform its clients to do digital business…

With a strong focus on innovation, we build cutting edge products and services and integrate the same with heterogeneous technologies helping CIO’s, CxO’s and City administrators align technology with their business. This makes us a very flexible organisation, seamlessly helping clients across complexities of traditional infrastructure, digital infrastructure and generations of software and hardware.

The last few years brought dramatic advances in technology and revolutionized our expectations as citizens and clients. To compete in this environment, CIO’s, IT managers and Government needs an innovative partner who anticipates technology changes and can integrate generations of technology with flexibility and quality. This calls for a fundamentally different way of delivering services, application software and systems integration. With a talented workforce leveraging Analytics, Big Data, Cloud, Security, IoT and Bots, we are geared to help our clients and the Government transform themselves to do digital business.

CMS is leveraging the power of IT to optimise availability of power in Smart Cities

Twenty of the world population resides in India though the country consumes less than 10% of global energy production. This is largely due to distribution inadequacies, power theft and plant efficiency. Demand for energy will go up dramatically (some assessments say 3x of today by 2040) as economic growth steps up to double digits, industrialization, urbanization and several programs like Smart Cities, “Make in India” etc.

Approximately 33% of India already lives in Urban agglomerates and urban population is expected to go from 340 million in 2008 to 590 million by 2030 as per Mckinsey. The sheer magnitude, unplanned growth and a lack of IT usage has put heavy pressure on public utilities in transport, water, electricity, health, education etc. This is an opportunity. With IT &IoT convergence as well as evolution of Internet, we can solve real world challenges and help simplify lives.

Our Energy Meters, GridLogik Energy Management Software and communication technologies help reduce power theft and bring more accountability and transparency to the Energy Grid. Integrated Traffic Management systems, Sensors and City Management software help City administrators take quick decisions to make cities liveable and generate additional revenue streams. Shoring up Public Finances is very important to help City administrators and Utility leaders succeed. By leveraging Data Science and in some cases Artificial intelligence algorithms, CMS Computers helps bring transparency, efficiency and substantial saving.

What are your energy management solution?

For over a decade, CMS Computers has been providing turnkey solutions covering design, development of customized ABT (Availability Based Tariff), EMS (Energy Management Solutions), and EEBS (Electronic Energy Billing System) systems with advanced IT enabled energy data collection capabilities for power management at the generation, distribution and the client side as well. With advances in smart grid deployments, CMS Computers has heavily invested in the same targeting distribution companies and consuming organizations. CMS Computer’s Energy software platform called Gridlogik is our flagship offering. The platform is complemented by several analytical applications harnessing Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning. These help identify efficiency drivers, making it easy to forecast, budget, track energy consumption or resolve energy problems quickly.

With our vast experience in energy metering and energy management, AMI and PLM, SCADA and DMS applications, we offer a hybrid communication technology based Smart Grid solution that is adaptive, predictive, integrated and optimized. These solutions are backed by deep analytics, automation and management capabilities.

Smart Grid requires the integrated management of all resources: generation, demand, storage and network devices across utilities, providers and consumers. CMS Computers provides integration of information and control technologies, allowing shared real time access between multiple systems. The solution helps in improving utility finances, brings transparency to billing processes as well as help Distribution companies gain control of the connected load. The integrated solution delivers great RoI by integrated distribution management, allowing differential tariffs based on usage timings, Improves use of existing grid assets to reduce grid congestion and bottlenecks, increases adoption of alternate energy sources leading to reduced carbon emissions, Pre-empts or mitigates power outages by using realtime information and maximizes return on metering investments by providing end to end visibility eliminating theft and reducing outages.

How are you using you IT expertise to improve adoption and reach of IT?

The Citizen services Centres (CSC) as well as the Urban Integrated Centres that CMS Computers run act as a one stop shop for a variety of Government to Citizen (G2C), Government to Business (G2B) and Business to Citizen (B2C) services related to transport authorities, municipal corporations, utility companies, Consumer companies, banks and financial institutions, security agencies and government departments. Our CSC Network also caters to private sector services in the areas of agriculture, health, education, entertainment, FMCG products, banking, insurance, pension, utility payments, etc. Through our chain of Integrated Citizen Service Centers(ICSCs) and multiple delivery channels like electronic kiosks, mobile phones and the Internet, citizens now have access to all Government services anytime and anywhere irrespective of jurisdiction, department or agency. These also help deepen and broaden the economy right down to the villages. Our IT capabilities, extensive reach and expertise in operations help authorities fast track the banking revolution in India.

We have partnered with state governments, UIDAI, banks and insurance companies to support their IT and security infrastructure and facilitate financial services in rural areas. We are a catalyst to the government’s financial inclusion policies as well Citizen ID services by building robust processes for Banking and Insurance Services, Jan Dhan Yojana, KYC, Transactions and DBT. Our Village Level Entrepreneurs (VLEs) act as business correspondent agents for various banks, provide engagement and enrollment of citizens, document verification and biometric authentication.

We use our experience, strong Government and industry focus to give easy to implement solutions in IT strategy and architecture, security, enterprise applications, analytics, mobile applications, IT &IoT technologies, Blockchains, Bots and Cloud architecture. We have worked across generations of technology, providing smooth interoperability and integration across architectures.

How big is your client base?

We have clients across various industries and domains. We deliver many government services to millions of citizens every day. We have footprint across most state Governments, Public Sector and several Central Government departments. With over 300 projects spanning 80 cities under its wings, CMS Computer’s Traffic and Transportation Solutions is synonymous with the Intelligent Traffic Systems in the country and here we serve Municipal Corporations and the Police across Cities. Many power plants, power distributors and manufacturing companies have experienced the simplicity and wide application of CMS energy management systems and enjoyed the efficiencies and ease they bring to their power management processes.

Our Surveillance and workforce solutions can be found across offices, residential complexes, factories, SEZ’s, oil refineries, government departments, defence, military, space, infrastructure, financial institutions and several other industry segments including City Surveillance. Our Media and Broadcasting Solutions business is India’s leading solution provider in broadcast and online video solutions and here we have several satellite channels and national governments to whom we offer various new media solutions as well as traditional studio setup, media monitoring etc.

For the Mumbai Area Traffic Control (ATC) project, CMS Computers leveraged IoT and Big Data to improve the traffic conditions. With over 68 kilometers of fully ducted network, 800 video detectors, 2000 signal poles, 500 cantilever poles and scores of traffic controllers and CCTV cameras, the Mumbai ATC project has been one of the best examples of ITS utilising a centrally controlled system.

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