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Sunday , 21 April 2024

Enhancing fleet and driver safety

Make-in-India provider of AI technology for fleet and driver safety, Netradyne, and GreenLine Mobility Solutions, India’s premier LNG-powered heavy trucking logistics company have announced their partnership, representing a significant step towards transforming road safety standards. Netradyne’s flagship product Driver*i, an advanced vision-based technology will propel GreenLine’s eco-friendly truck fleet ensuring increased road safety for heavy vehicles. The technology has a data-driven approach and identifies areas of improvement, facilitating automated and targeted training programs to elevate overall safety measures.

“GreenLine Mobility is completely moving their trucks to LNG-based; their mission is to reduce carbon footprint. That is the environment-friendly part. When you add safety to the environment friendliness, safety of the drivers, safety of the vehicle, safety of road itself, then when you put it together you holistically get into a more sustainable kind of feat, if you will.” said Durgadutt N, Senior VP, Netradyne.

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