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Sunday , 3 March 2024

Eicher launches new 11.14 GVW truck

Eicher Motors has launched a new truck – the Eicher 11.14 — that is expected to bridge the gap between the 12/13 tonne and the 16 tonne segments. The 14.5 GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) tonne truck, the company claims, has best-in-class fuel efficiency. The new truck combines the benefits of a heavy duty truck with the savings of a medium duty truck. Some of the major segments for which the 11.14 is positioned for include milk / water tankers, parcel services, machinery transport, pharmaceutical services, gas cylinders and courier delivery. The truck features quick acceleration, high pulling power and heavy duty transmission which would mean faster trips and quicker turn-around times. The truck will also be backed by 200 authorised service centres and 10,000 private mechanics trained by the company. Each Eicher dealer is equipped with mobile service vans and 24×7 helpline numbers to respond to customer problems immediately.

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