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Thursday , 20 June 2024

Delhi to get speed interceptor vans

In a bid to contain rampant over-speeding on Delhi roads, the traffic police have procured ten speed interceptor vans which will be placed at random locations in the city. The interceptor vans have cameras that will take pictures of violating vehicles, and record the time and location of the violation, and speed of the violating vehicles. These details would then be posted to the violator’s address within 48 hours. Failure to pay the challan will invite court summons. Earlier the traffic police used to limit speed checks to non-peak hours to avoid traffic jams with cops having to flag down speeding vehicles and stop them — a process that resulted in traffic jams. Now, the facility to post challans to traffic violators rather than having to deliver physical challans would increase traffic violation prosecution, and hence revenue, by about five times. The move would also free police manpower that was earlier used for traffic violation and enforcement for other purposes. Trial runs of the system have been conducted in South Delhi.

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