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Sunday , 16 June 2024

Delhi may get more BRT Corridors

The proposed Mukundpur- Kondli BRT corridor

Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transport System (DIMTS) has submitted a preliminary proposal to the Delhi government to build six more BRT corridors with a total length of 97km to reduce traffic congestion. The corridors will have a hybrid system of lanes – a combination of both segregated and non-segregated lanes. Areas where the existing roads are wide enough will have exclusive, segregated lanes for BRT buses whereas areas with narrow roads will see BRT buses sharing the lane with other vehicles. The corridors will be designed after taking into consideration factors such as the metro lines, metro stations, railway lines, flyovers, pier alignment, bridges, heritage and religious structures, and existing residential and commercial areas. Bus stations will be located every 500m. The corridors will also have non-motorised infrastructure facilities for bicycles and pedestrians, parking facilities and other public amenities. There will be controlled pedestrian crossings at major intersections and bus stops to reduce pedestrian vehicle interaction and improve road safety. Existing on-street parking in these areas will be accommodated in dedicated parking bays situated in multi-utility zones. These multi-utility zones will also house facilities for hawkers and vendors.

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