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Friday , 24 May 2024

Crash tested barriers from Swaraj Secutech

Swaraj Patriot Series Boom Barriers

Swaraj Patriot Series Boom Barriers - SwarajSwaraj’s Patriot Series Barriers are the ideal choice for heavy duty operations. When the requirement is a combination of maintenance free operation and aesthetic looks, Patriot barriers fit in perfectly. The features include 100% duty cycle operation with 5 million MTB; Control Boards with heavy duty transformers for Indian Conditions; Easy Installations and maintenance free operation; Option of 24VDC BLDC Motor/ 230 VAC Motor; Manual option in case of power failure and   Anti-collision (swing-away mechanism) for protection of 3m arm.

BarrierCrash rated Boom Barriers

Tested for impact against 7.2 truck @ 48kmph (K4 Rating) and 7.2 ton truck @ 64kmph (K8 Rating) according to latest IWA 14:2013 standards at HORIBA, MIRA, U.K.

Physically Crash Tested range of bollards - Swaraj

Physically Crash Tested range of bollards

Tested at HORIBA MIRA, UK according to latest IWA 14:2013 std.   Automatic bollards have been impact tested with a 7.2 ton truck @ 48kmph(K4) and 7.2 ton truck @ 80kmph( both with less than 1m penetration.  Further,  Fixed bollards with only 125mm foundation depth and 170mm diameter have  also been tested against a 7.2 ton truck @48 kmph with 0.4m penetration and @80kmph with less than 1m penetration.

D100 Hydraulic Tyre killer - Swaraj

D100 Hydraulic Tyre killer

The product is physically crash tested at Horiba Mira, the UK successfully puncturing all six tyres of an intruding 7.2 ton truck instantaneously. Being dual in nature, it can even puncture third generation run flat tyres, irrespective of the direction of approach of the intruding vehicle.


Modbus Plugin & Central Command and Control Software

Modbus Plugin & Central Command and Control Software - SwarajSwaraj’s Modbus Plugin: Integration can be achieved with any third party Command & Control software. The plugin has been approved and certified by Genetec, Canada.

The products being showcased are Tripod Turnstiles that are heavy duty with both Indoor and outdoor application (optional); Siren based Ant Pass Tripod; K12 Crash Rated Gates – Rakshak, an impact tested K12 rated cantilever gate; India’s First Movable vehicular Barrier: Shikar  and Crash Tested Road Blocker that ensures highest level of security against unauthorized vehicular access. Penetration.

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