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Thursday , 23 May 2024

Central Ministry recommends Surat?s ring roads

The Union Urban Development Ministry has recommended other states to follow the revenue generation model used for the Outer Ring Road Development in Surat, Gujarat. The model envisages the Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) and the Surat Urban Development Authority (SUDA) selling FSI (Floor Space Index) and commercial plots to raise about ? 5796 crore for the project. The highlight of the project is that 60% of the land acquired will be returned to the land owners as final plots. This would remove a major bottleneck in the project which is usually reluctance of landowners to part with their land due to compensation which is often perceived as inadequate. But here they would get at least 60% of their land as full plots with all infrastructure facilities provided. On 40% of the acquired land public facilities such as parks, playgrounds and public utilities and infrastructure such as roads with electricity, adequate drainage of 500sqm on both sides of the road and sewerage will be built.

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