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Saturday , 23 September 2023

Products / Systems

Turbo Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd

LTI 20-20 TruCam Measures speed, distance and GPS coordinates of passing vehicles and also calculates the travel time and distance between vehicles. All measurements are combined with a colour video recording and high resolution digital images. Has speed accuracy of +/- 1 mph and distance accuracy of +/- 6 inches. Speed range up to 200mph for approaching vehicles, and up ...

Envoys Electronics

Parking Display A microprocessor based system for parking lots which displays the number of vacant parking spaces available and parking bay number on an electronic display board at the entrance. Also, indicates direction a vehicle has to move in for getting to a vacant parking place. Records the number of vehicles entering and leaving the parking lot during a specific ...

Samarth Softech Solutions Pvt Ltd

Toll Collection System Complete solution for toll collection in three versions: Basic system, semi-automatic system and fully automatic system.

Omnitec Systems India Pvt Ltd

Parking Management System An intelligent, and environment-and-user-friendly parking management system for free and paid parking at airports, industrial installations and residential areas. Consists of entry and exit gate barriers, ticket dispensing machine, cash payment machine, access control card and card readers. The system can be programmed depending on particular parking requirements. ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————– Parking Guidance System A dynamic parking solution which ...

MassTrans Systems (P) Ltd

Automatic Traffic Counters & Classifiers (ATCC) Keep a count of vehicles for a specific highway segment and process traffic data, crucial for instant management of traffic flow. Allow custom, length-based classification of vehicles up to three classes. Have improved data collection equipment. Continuous data collected can be used as input for traffic management systems and other operational purposes.    

Street Furniture

Efstronics Systems Pvt Ltd Street Lamp Has light output of 1020lumens. Efficacy of 60lumens / watt and power consumption of 17W. Takes input power between 85V to 275V AC, single phase 50Hz. Operating temperature ranges from 0°C to 60°C. IP-65 protection provided.


Lineas Quartz Sensor Type 9195F A quartz sensor to measure the wheel and axle loads, and to determine the vehicle gross weight under rolling traffic conditions. Excellent long-term stability with wide measuring range: slow to high-speed. Very high natural frequency and signal dynamic. Adaptive to different pavement characteristics. Applications include overload detection, weight dependent tolling and pavement management sstems.

Liquid Soil Stabiliser

Zym-TecTM from Innovation Technology Enzyme Company of India Pvt Ltd (i-Tec-India) is a highly concentrated, non-toxic liquid bio-enzymatic soil stabiliser that is used in the construction of roads. Addition of Zym-Tec to local soil transforms the soil into a raw material which can be used as a base for all-weather roads. This yields significant savings in transportation and other costs, ...

Portable gas detector

Subtronics (India) Pvt Ltd’s Pocket Type Gas Detector MP-21 is a portable detector capable of detecting a range of gases such as LPG, CNG, methane and ammonia. In all, it can detect about 300 toxic and combustible gases. The instrument has power ON and low battery indicators and gives an audible beep with a flashing red LED when it detects ...

Level Crossing Systems

Bodan Level Crossing System from Gmundner Fertigteile Ges. M.b.H. & Co. KG is a unique system which allows the level crossing to cope efficiently with the requirements of two quite different kinds of traffic and transport systems – one being the requirement of having elastic tracks for rail traffic and the other being the continuously changing demands of road traffic. ...