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Tuesday , 28 March 2023

Road construction technology

Contracting, construction and technology trends

Roads in India:? Today & Tomorrow Biren Parekh, Partner, Ernst and Young India Pvt Ltd, takes a detailed look at the tolling system in India vis-?-vis road infrastructure, trends and framework. He also compares the Indian situation with a few initiatives taken in a few countries. From Adam Smith to the late Herb Mohring, economists have waxed lyrical about congestion ...

Selecting and using Modified Bituminous Binders In India

The current specifications and guidelines for the selection and use of different types of modified binders such as polymer modified bitumen and crumb rubber modified bitumen are inadequate. Prof Prithvi Singh Kandhal, Associate Director Emeritus of the National Center for Asphalt Technology (NCAT), Auburn University, Alabama, USA argues that there is an immediate need to revise government policies by deleting the common specification table for all types of polymers and modifiers so that substandard PMB is not used in India. He also writes very interestingly on the journey of various types of bitumen

Delivering Outcome-Based Services To Improve India’s Roads

It is important to not just deliver technologies but also draw up a blueprint of services to be delivered when constructing the infrastructure for safe travel. A few factors to be considered for delivering outcome-based services with an emphasis on the Indian conditions.

Recent Advances in Pavement Engineering and Technology

Pavements and cracked roads have been the topic of nationwide debates this monsoon. TrafficInfraTech brings you a detailed insight into what goes in the making of robust pavements. The in-depth study has been penned exclusively for TrafficInfraTech by two transport experts – Rajib B Mallick and A Veeraragavan, both from Indian Institute of Technology Madras.

‘SAFERBRAIN’ – A European Union Project

While many states and municipalities in India are still debating the pros and cons of various angles and policies on traffic management and road safety, the Pimpri-Chinchwad area of Pune has already begun taking long strides in these fields. Its ITS implementation based on the C-DAC applications has already been written about. Now, it is the Road Safety Audit of Pimpri-Chinchwad’s Bhakti-Shakti Junction that is the news of the day. TrafficInfraTech brings you an exclusive report.

‘Janmarg’- Connecting people in Ahmedabad

Janmarg, a project of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation under JnNURM, is planned as an evolving system. A one of its kind project, it is sensitive to the needs of the people its vehicles carry.

Designing Infrastructure for Bicycles

Delhi’s successful experimentation with providing the much needed infrastructure for cyclists needs to be replicated in other cities of India as well. Apart from reducing the traffic load on the roads, it will lead to environmental benefits too.