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Wednesday , 12 June 2024

Capacity Building and Technology

Road Infrastructure Development in India

Logistics parks

24 logistics parks entailing 45% of India’s freight traffic have been identified to be connected by Bharatmala economic corridors (EC), to develop hub-and-spoke model where hub-to-hub transport can be done with 30 tonne trucks and hub-tospoke transport can be done with 10 tonne trucks. Currently all transport is point-to-point in 10 tonne trucks (2017).

North-East India connectivity projects

North East Economic corridor will connect seven state capitals and seven multimodal waterways terminals on Brahmaputra.

International connectivity

• Northeast connectivity projects and Look-East connectivity

• 24 Integrated check posts

• Transit through Bangladesh to improve Northeast India

• Integrating Bangladesh–Bhutan– Nepal-Myanmar–Thailand BIMSTEC corridors.

Increasing speed of Construction

The Government, in the last three years has increased the speed of highway construction to 28km/day,an unparalleled and huge jump from previous construction milestones. Government is targeting to achieve target of National Highway construction of 40Km/day in 2018-19, which seems quite feasible considering the determination of the Government.

Integration of Technology in Highway Sector

Government has taken a lot of steps in the past three years towards integration of technology in the highway construction. The broad areas of technology applications have been:

• Prefeasibility / feasibility studies of new alignments using Drones, LiDAR.

• Software for processing and monitoring Land Acquisition process.

• Development of Land MIS for management & monitoring of huge land data pool.

• Preparation of DPR using latest IT technologies like GPS data.

• Monitoring of Road Segments under construction through PMIS with time and geo stamped photographs and Mobile App based applications.

• Procurement through e-Tendering portal.

• Road assets management of completed roads through RAMS

• Efficient and hassle-free Tolling through FASTag – ETC

• Maintenance of Highways – budgeting forecast through RAMS

• Wayside Amenities

• Road Safety and Incident Management System, Interactive Signage Board, VMS

• Toll free Highway helpline – 1033

• Road Network Maps – Digital Atlas

• Mobile Apps for users – with Incident Mgt, FASTag and facilities along NH.

• 24X7 monitoring by integration of all the above through Command Control Centre

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