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Wednesday , 29 May 2024

Brazilian cities win Volvo safety award

The prestigious Volvo Road Safety award has been won by two Brazilian cities that are engaged in Global Road Safety Partnership (GRSP)’s Proactive Partnership Strategy. The award is given for excellence to professionals and communities in Brazil for effective safety practices. While Porto Alegre – the capital of the southern Brazilian state of  – won it in the ‘cities’ category, the city of Guaiba from the same state, won it at the regional level. Guaiba is home to over 100,000 inhabitants. Since 2008, Porto Alegre has been implementing road safety programmes using a proactive partnership approach. It has established a reliable road-crash database through cooperation of key city departments (health, transport and education) and tailor interventions to specific problems. Guaíba, in the past year, has documented dramatic reductions in death and injuries – as well as in hospital costs, says a GRPS press release.

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