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Wednesday , 15 May 2024

Avantech Engineering Consortium Pvt Ltd

PASSCO MPS – a crash barrier solution for Two Wheelers

ASSCO Barrier Systems India LLP is pleased to announce the first German fully tested two wheeler protection system in India. Most scientific studies show that accidents with two-wheelers mostly \ involve falling from the bike and sliding over the ground

PASSCO MPS (Motorcycle Protection System) are fully tested according to EN1317-8 and even crash tested with cars. The PASSCO MPS is available as an under rail that can be easily retrofitted to existing crash barriers at a fraction of cost of a new barrier. The products are

tested with a dummy with the weight of 80 kg, sliding over the ground, impacting the PASSCO MPS on two impact points at a speed of 60 km/h.

The most important part to protect is of course the head. In addition, the tests measured several movements of the neck and spine of the dummy, even parts of the shoulder.

Zehntner retroreflectometers for Road Markings and Signboards

Avantech Engineering Consortium Pvt. Ltd. Is the exclusive distributors and service providers in India for the Proceq’s – Zehntner Range of Swiss made Retroreflectometers that use state-of-the-art technology to measure the night and day time visibility of Road markings and Traffic Sign Boards.

Scientific studies have proven that during driving human brains process 90% of information through visibility. This visual performance drops to just 5% in darkness. Most of this visibility during the night time is provided by retroreflective road markings and traffic signs that reflect the vehicle headlights back to the driver providing the necessary guidance and safety.

The Indian standards IRC: 35-2015 and IRC: 67-2012 make it mandatory to test the retroreflectivity of Road markings and Signboards at regular time intervals to ensure the quality and performance of road markings and Traffic signs is maintained during the lifetime and new markings and signboards can be installed when the performance drops.

It is therefore most important that the performance of the road markings and traffic sign boards is tested using Zehntner range of retroreflectmeters that come with host of user friendly features such as GPS tagging, high resolution pictures of road marking and signboards for reporting.

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