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Saturday , 2 March 2024

Automated Driving Test System Making Gujarat?s Roads Safer

In keeping with its commitment towards providing any assistance or training to people to ensure safe driving, the Transport Department of Gujarat has started an automated driving test system

The state government has taken the onus of fully computerising RTOs in all the districts of Gujarat, making it easier for the citizens to avail services. Subsequently, many important measures have been taken to make RTOs more sophisticated. However, one initiative that stands apart is the ?Automated Driving Test System?.

History has it that Road Transportation is one of the most important elements in the socio-economic development of any country. It has helped build nations by bridging cultures and bringing people together. Gujarat is one of the fastest developing states of India, and it has one of the finest road networks in the country.

The overall economic development and roads of better quality have also led to a surge in the number of vehicles on roads. While this is good news, it has also presented us with some challenges, such as road accidents. According to the Road Accidents Report of India, during 2011 there were almost five lakh road accidents which killed 1.42 lakh people and injured more than five lakh people. These numbers tell us that in our country there is a road accident every minute and a death due to the same every four minutes. It is sad to note that most of the people who have lost their lives in road accidents are economically active young persons.

The Gujarat government realises that road accidents can be controlled through proper measures. Creating awareness on road safety measures, road signs and proper behaviour roads can go a long way in reducing road accidents. Many lives can be saved if drivers are trained properly and their driving skills are put to stern tests before they are allowed to drive on the road. Thus, the government took a concerted drive to introduce computerised knowledge test which has been successfully accepted in the state.

The Automated Driving Test System effectively tests the driving skills of a person seeking a license. It is a simple, yet very advanced, solution. The track is outlined with electronic sensors, and CCTV cameras capture the activity on the track. The track presents the test-taker with a series of real-life-like driving challenges such as Up-gradient track, reverse ?S? track, parking test, and forward ?8? track. There is also a ?Serpentine Track? designed especially for two wheelers. One simply has to drive according to the instructions provided without touching sensors on the sides of the track. For each test-driver, a unique electronic identity is created in the computer system which records the progress of the vehicle on the track.


As easy as booking a movie ticket!

Gone are the days when you had to stand in long queues to get yourself registered for the driving test. The RTO at Gandhinagar has made it possible for you to choose to come at your convenience to take the driving test.

Go to http://drivingtesttrack.in

Register yourself.

Select your time slot from the choices presented.

Get a printout of the receipt and be there to take the test!

The CCTV sends live video feed to the control room which is recorded in the system as well. The computer knows whether the candidate has violated sensors and upon completion, generates a report instantly. Immediately afterwards, the candidate is told, with proof, whether she or he has ?passed? or ?failed? the test.

Gujarat State transport department can probably boast of having more number of automated test tracks than present in the entire country. Currently there are 21 two wheeler test tracks, and 16 four wheel test tracks are under development in the State.

While it is important to have good roads, proper driving skills are also equally important. Careful driving not only makes a road trip more enjoyable, it also saves many lives. Although to drive safely is every citizen?s responsibility and duty, nevertheless the Transport Department of Gujarat is committed towards providing any assistance or training to people to ensure the same.

JP Gupta
Commissioner of Transport
Government of Gujarat

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