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Wednesday , 17 April 2024

ATCS: Complex Traffic Management System Simplified

Krishna Vepakomma

Krishna Vepakomma

Good governance has many indicators and indices, but Ease of Living (EOL) stands out as one of the best measurables. One of the key pointers in EOL is mobility – mobility with safety, which means ease of navigating through traffic. An average city commuter spends as much as 25 to 35% of extra time on roads…if this is addressed, it eases living to a great degree. Krishna Vepakomma, Managing Director, Artelli Systems Pvt Ltd, explains how ATCS helps optimise travel time.

In India, as part of the Smart City projects, a lot of impetus is being given to this area. A few cities like Gandhinagar and Gujarat have already adapted the system and reaping the benefit.

Of late, technologies such as IoT, ML and deep learning techniques are being adapted to make Smart Traffic Systems, often called as ATCS – Adaptive Traffic Control System, a digital technology solution. ATCS optimises the time duration in split seconds and adapts itself. ATCS eliminates all the previously made manual and time synchronous traffic lights systems. It uses high end video cameras that estimate the volume of traffic, dynamically alter the RED GREEN AMBER lights to the best combination using algorithms designed to optimise time interval. For example, at noon time, if traffic is lean, the Green operates for longer periods, unlike the previously used programmed timers. The resultant deliverables are clear: reduction of 20% in travel time, 40% less waiting time at signals, 30% reduction of stops and starts. These are tested observations.

Traffic Management Atcs

ATCS has many other functionalities that add more value to a road user. Maintaining a steady speed, a user can actually pass through all traffic intersections without a break – called as Green Channel. The synchronisation and integration of all ATCS systems to a central control enables this feature.

ATCS develops analytics that help decision making using historical data, reduction of exhaust gases that damages pollution, fuel saving to users to about 20%. ATCS can further be integrated with systems such as VMS, smart transportation ingredients, command and control room. The flexibility, savings and Ease of Living that are brought in by synergetic combination of technologies are unmatched in today’s world. It is wise to choose a company that has attained a domain expertise in this field, particularly factoring in the road conditions and traffic complexity of India. We found Efftronics Systems, meeting these qualities

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