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Friday , 23 February 2024

Ashu Enterprises

Aloclite Stud C-1210

Extremely durable device providing day and night visibility in adverse weather conditions. Fitted with a two-way acrylic prismatic reflector. Reflectorised stud and provides a definitive and clear outline of pavement markings during poor visibility conditions like fog, rain, and darkness. Dimensions: 100x100x20mm. Available in yellow, white and red colours.


Alcolite Plastic Cone
Light-weight without rubber base. Can be used with other accessories like Light Bar, Reflector and Message Plate. Square base of 395X395X25mm. Weight: 1.2 Kg and height: 710mm. Uses include road diversion, parking zones, construction zones, no-entry zones, centre lane division of narrow roads, sharp curves, traffic islands and temporary barricading at hotels and hospitals


Alcolite Spring Post
One-piece construction made from special flexible material (PU). Quickly regains original shape without being damaged in case of high-speed collision, and does not damage vehicle. Can withstand heavy collisions due to strong bond with the road surface. Three bands of prismatic reflective tapes provide high reflectivity. UV stabilised colours used in it impart strong ozone resistance so that it does not get discoloured.

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