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Thursday , 30 May 2024

Highway Communications Systems

Arya Omnitalk Wireless Solutions Pvt Ltd

NexEdge NX-900 800 MHz Digital Mobile & NX-410 Handheld Radio

Radio Communication System for Highways
Digital Wide Area Trunking System with seamless roaming and communication across entire highway stretch. Superior technology & engineering ensures low

NexEdge NXR-900 800 MHz Digital and Analogue Repeater

overall cost of the solution. Provides congestion free, interference free & reliable network for emergency communications on Highways for Toll Supervisors, Lane Assistants, Route Patrol Vehicles, Cranes, Ambulance and Maintenance. Implemented using Kenwood’s latest state of the art spectrally efficient technology based on NXDN protocol called NexEdge.  Offers superior voice quality (AMBE+2 Vocoder) at varying signal strengths even at highway speeds. Low BER improves reception in fringe areas, increasing effective range by twenty percent over analog FM. Supports Faster System Access, large fleet sizes   ESN validation to prevent eavesdropping, Group Selective Calling, Individual Calling, Broadcast, Paging, Emergency Call, Remote Stun/Kill to disable lost/stolen/compromised radio, Call Queuing & 8 Priority Levels with pre-emption and host of additional application including Automatic Vehicle Location. NexEdge trunking provides increased capacity, enhanced call capabilities, improved security and faster communications than conventional systems.

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