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Thursday , 13 June 2024

AllGoVision Technologies Pvt Ltd

Software for Video Analytics

AllGoVision is a Video Analytics software product for actionable intelligence for safety, security and business analytics. The product provides excellent return on investment for a wide range of applications, including City & Traffic Surveillance, Intelligent Traffic System (ITS), Parking Management and many more. The product analyzes rapidly the video for specific data, behavior patterns, tracking movement of objects including people and vehicles in the monitoring zones.

The software is easy to install and simple to use with intuitive GUI. It also supports customization through variation of features for specific applications. The Video Analytics product can use following features to provide information for optimized traffic management & situational alerts against traffic rule violations:

• Wrong Way Detection
• Speeding Detection
• Illegal Parking Detection
• Vehicle Counting
• Congestion Detection
• Parking Management (Parking Availability)
• License Plate Detection & Recognition* (in specific countries)
• Red Light Violation Detection

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