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Sunday , 21 April 2024

AI for anonymous detection of parking space

Recently, the topic of parking has become one of the major issues leading to discussions involving multiple stakeholders right from drivers to Smart City planners. One of the most advanced solutions in the market is the parking detection system, i.e. using artificial intelligence to monitor the occupancy of a parking lot in real time, which can effectively help control and manage large parking areas as well as small on-street parking zones – simply and safely, says Nagendra Reddy V, CEO, VTRAC Worldwide

Anonymous detection of parking space occupancy by smart cameras and Artificial Intelligence processing image data ensures reliable evaluation of the situation in both on-street and off-street parking. In case of appropriate deployment, one camera can cover up to 400 parking spaces. With such coverage, PD system saves up to 90% HW equipment required for the installation (in comparison to other smart parking technologies currently available in the market). Parking Detection system brings you real time occupancy data of every parking space, enables to measure daily parking time or to check payment discipline (detection of overtimes) thanks to the possibility of connection with payment machines. Another advantage is that the system can be directly connected to LED panels navigating to available parking spaces.

Easy to install, easy to manage

Since the whole Parking Detection system set includes only smart cameras and a collection unit (PD Gateway), installing the system is up to 10 times faster compared to other systems based on in-ground magnetic sensors mounted at each parking space. Installing these sensors is highly time and cost demanding.

The cameras can be placed on the walls of nearby buildings, poles or public lights. Each camera is connected to the PD Gateway that collects anonymized input image data. The data is not stored but sent through a three level encryption to the central cloud server in real-time where it is further evaluated using AI. The system provides the highest level of security due to the input data anonymization and multiple encryption of communication channels. One PD Gateway controls three cable cameras and up to 10 wireless cameras at the same time. However, one can use an already existing camera network. In both cases, all that is required is only power supply and a stable internet connection with a minimum speed of 40kbit/s – the Gateway can be connected to the internet using one of the following three options: WIFI, ethernet cable or through an integrated LTE modem.

The management and supervision of the entire parking lot is controlled through an intuitive PD Management System interface that allows you to remotely manage individual cameras and parking spaces, define your own parking rules and create advanced statistics, financial and service reports.

Major benefit: Cost effectiveness

With the deployment of Parking Detection system in an average off street parking lot with 100 parking spaces, one can save costs up to 65% per year. An average price per one space is only a third of the average price of installing one sensor into the ground for one parking space. Moreover, the price per parking space with Parking Detection system also includes access to the PD Management system with full functionality, automated 24/7 supervision of the system functionality and the possibility of connecting and implementing the system into higher units.

The other main benefits:

• Real time occupancy data
• Cloud based solution
• High efficiency: 1 camera = 400 parking spaces
• Anonymity and security – no image data stored
• Easy installation, simple maintenance
• Accuracy higher than 99.5 %
• Cost effective solution
• Intuitive management system
• Possibility to connect into existing camera network
• Great potential for further use – surveillance system, passenger counting, detection without marked par-king spaces

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