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Sunday , 3 March 2024

Advanced Driver Assistance System

Kitikal Solutions designs Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADS) for the automotive industry using Embedded Systems and Imaging Solutions. The ADS features real-time algorithms developed using key modules from Kritikal’s proprietary vision library such as pattern recognition, feature extraction, learning, tracking and 3D vision. Some of the ADS applications the company has developed using imaging technology include Divider Collision Avoidance System, Automatic Road-Sign Identification and Classification System and Lane Change Assistant / Blind Spot Detection System. The Divider Collision Avoidance System is a system of sensors that is placed within a car to warn its driver of any scenario of vehicle moving close to the divider on the road. The Automatic Road-Sign Identification and Classification system enables a vehicle to recognise the traffic signs put on the road and alert the driver appropriately. If the driver misses a critical road sign this technology alerts the driver and subsequently improves road safety. The Blind Spot Detection System / Lane Change Assistant is a vehicle-based sensor device that detects other vehicles located in the driver’s side and rear blind spots. It gives an alert if the driver begins the process to change lane with vehicles present in the blind spots and thereby avoids hazardous situations.

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