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Thursday , 22 February 2024

Accident prone stretches on National Highways

News 1Transport Research Wing (TRW), Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has collected the Black spot data from States/UTs based on their assessment and forwarded it to concerned agencies NHAI, NHIDCL and DG Roads for further action. Road Accident black spot is a stretch of National Highway of about 500m in length where either five road accidents (in all three years put together involving fatalities/ grievous injuries) took place during the last three calendar years or 10 fatalities (in all three years put together) took place during the last three calendar years.

Ministry has identified 5803 black spots on National Highways based on accident and fatality data of year 2015-2018 in 30 states/UTs. Out of 5803 Black spots, temporary measures have been taken on 5167 black spots and 2923 Black spots have been permanently rectified.

Steps being taken by the Ministry

  • Black spots are being rectified by immediate short term measures such as cautionary road signs and markings, transverse bar markings, rumble strips and solar blinkers etc.
  • For long term rectification, measures such as flyovers, underpasses, foot over bridges, service roads etc. are being provided wherever required.
  • Each blackspot location is being inspected by Road Safety Officers of Regional Offices, Project Director of Concerned PIU and Road Safety Expert of the Independent Engineers (IE)/ Authority’s Engineers (AE) /Safety Consultants and recommend the mitigation measures. Based on which approval is being granted by the Regional Officer.
  • NHAI has issued comprehensive guidelines on preparation of proposal, granting sanctions and execution of work for rectification of black spots. .
  • Traffic calming measures such as traffic warning signs, delineators, road studs, bar markings, humps at approach roads, etc. are taken at vulnerable sections of NHAI to reduce road accident fatalities
  • For rectification of black spots, progress of rectification is being monitored at NHAI HQ and Ministry through regular meetings.

The emergency / medical facilities for the road   accident victims are provided as per the respective contract / concession   agreements signed between NHAI and the contractor / concessionaire. NHAI has also signed contract agreements   for supply, operation and maintenance of 126 AIS-125 compliant Basic Life Support ambulances across NHs in the country.

As per the information available with TRW, total number (provisional) of road accidents on National Highways in 2020 is 116496.

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