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Friday , 23 February 2024

A show for Total Traffic Solutions

TrafficInfraTech show to be held in February 2011 at New Delhi is India’s first attempt at bringing together every aspect of traffic under one roof.

“Various shows are being organised in India in the areas of infrastructure, safety, automobiles, aviation, railways, road engineering, etc. but it is high time we put it all together to address the national need for a comprehensive traffic development and management plan. Today traffic technology is finding adoption in all areas – right from marking the roads to deploying driverless cars,” said Iqbal Singh Jagdeva, Director, ITSPL and International President, Asian Professional Security Association.

The TrafficInfraTech show combines traffic management, infrastructure, ITS, safety, parking, toll systems and environment. It attracts decision makers from India and abroad and offers a three day business and knowledge sharing opportunity not experimented in India before. Companies from USA, The UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, Qatar, Spain, Switzerland, Italy and of course, India have already confirmed participation.

“We are a more than a decade old company doing traffic signage business in India. With the increase in capacity building by way of highways, expressways and interior roads, the demand for safety products is also on the rise. This show will help all system providers to meet all sections of people who are in the building and operation processes,” stated Amandeep Singh, National Sales Manager of Avery Dennison India.

A number of government and non- government organisations are supporting the show. Said T K Amla, Head, Information, Liaison & Training, CRRI, “We, at CRRI, advise various organisations on road safety audit, traffic congestion and parking problems. The introduction of intelligent transport systems is possible only when we work together with the industry and the people. In this endeavour we will always welcome education for all concerned organisations. That’s why we are whole-heartedly supporting the TrafficInfraTech show and we will be with the show forever.”

When TrafficInfraTech met with Vivek Phansalkar, JCP (Traffic), Mumbai for an interview, he agreed that bringing all stakeholders in the field of traffic under one roof proves helpful. He said, “Such shows certainly help because they give you a platform to upgrade your own awareness about what is available in the world outside and what possibly you can borrow. India cannot be compared with the developed world. We have to keep the density of population of India and Mumbai in mind and then go for something which could be really suitable and helpful and which can ease the burden for implementation, enforcement and regulation.”

Chethan of Delopt said, “Now-a-days the major problem we face in commuting is the traffic. There are Indian companies bringing in or producing new technology that can handle the traffic problems. The show can help Indians to understand what technology they should use keeping the Indian environment in mind. May be what is suitable in different countries may not be suitable for India. Being an Indian company, we can study the Indian culture and requirement and get new technologies to be adapted to suit the Indian environment.”

Virtual Info Systems Pvt Ltd, the organiser of the show, is very clear of the company’s mission of facilitating business interaction through conventions and publications which are on socially relevant areas.

The show is expected to attract government departments, enforcement authorities, traffic professionals, consultants, engineers, NGOs and safety organisations, research institutions, builders, architects and systems integrators. The two day technical seminar will add value to the show.

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