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Friday , 23 February 2024

A series of bridges across Sweden

Stockholm based Erik Andersson Architects won the invited competition to design a new bridge over the river Motala Ström in the City of Norrköping, a city known for its man-made waterfalls. The bridge will be constructed of steel plates, welded together to create a highly polished exterior with no visible seams. In the competition design, there was a sensor-driven waterfall built into the handrails of the bridge.

One of the first bridges in the world to be constructed entirely from stainless steel, Bridge Apatê overlooks the area of Hammarby Sjöstad in Stockholm. The cable support stemming from the concrete anchorage focuses the structural tension on the industrial side, while allowing the bridge to land gently on the shoreline. Commissioned by the Swedish National Road Administration, the location for the Motorway 73 is a stretch of land between Stockholm and Nynäshamn. The sections flow from completely triangulated structures through curved to straight shapes in an ever-changing progression, turning the 20 bridges into members of the same conceptual family, perfectly adapted to each specific location. Extra wide bridges for elks, extra high acrylic walls for horses and special passages for frogs has been designed to save both human and animal lives. The construction of the bridges was completed in 2012.

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