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Thursday , 23 May 2024

?Security and surveillance products are very important today?

Iqbal Singh Jagdeva, Managing Director, Turbo Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd talks about the importance of security and surveillance products for the transportation industry

What, according to you, is the importance of security and surveillance products for the transportation sector?

Security and surveillance products are as important for the transportation sector as they are, for example, for offices, industries and homes. We not only have to secure buildings but the roads and other transportation facilities too to make security as fool-proof as possible. A parked vehicle is an easy target for placing bombs and other explosives. Such an act of arson is an unfortunate event that not only destroys the vehicle and results in tragic loss of life, but it can also cause a series of accidents in and around the vicinity of the targeted vehicle.

Surveillance of vehicles is also useful to determine the location of the vehicle. This is very useful in case of cash-in-transit vehicles, school buses, vehicles used for transportation of BPO employees, oil tankers and many other such vehicles. For fleet management companies, surveillance can be useful to raise an alert when a vehicle moves away from the desired route.

From among your traffic related products which do you feel have made a major contribution to the road traffic and safety industry?

Some of our products that have made a major contribution are Traffic Monitoring System, Red Light Enforcement System, Speed Enforcement System (Doppler and Laser Speed Gun), Breath Alcohol Analyser, Traffic Law Enforcement Vehicle, Disaster Management Vehicle, Under-Vehicle Surveillance System, E-Challaning System, Parking Management System, Automatic Bollards & Boom Barriers and Automatic Number Plate Recognition System.

What range of sectors do you supply your products to?

The market for security products for the traffic and transportation industry in our country is huge today. It is increasing with the addition of new technology every day. We supply our products to police patrol vehicles, traffic enforcement vehicles, emergency service vehicles, taxis, trucks, buses and other mobile units. We also supply fixed equipment to toll plazas, residential and industrial complexes, railways, airports, bus stands and sea ports. Our products, the latest state-of-the art products from the international market, have been designed keeping typical Indian conditions in mind, including the environmental conditions. After-sales service is also an important consideration for us when we market our products.

You have come a long way from a single contract company and have diversified into many fields. How has the 26-year-old journey been?

Yes, our company began in 1986 by capturing a single CCTV maintenance contract from the Delhi Police. Today, Turbo Security is a leading player in the country in the field of CCTV Security and Surveillance Systems. Turbo is not only a maintenance company but also has expertise in designing, developing, manufacturing, installating, commissioning, operating and maintaining traffic violation enforcement equipment and systems besides CCTV and other security products. We are one of the first companies to get the ISO certification in the field of Security and Surveillance.

The CCTV Systems, Vehicle Tracking Systems, Vehicle Video Recorders, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Intruder Alarm Systems and Access Control Systems are very important for the Indian transportation industry. They not only secure the transportation systems but also increase the efficiency by keeping them under required surveillance.

Are you planning any new product launches?

Yes, we will soon be launching our new Vehicle Video Recorder and latest Laser based Speed Measuring equipment which can be very useful for Traffic Law Enforcement vehicles. This is a unique product from Laser Technology Inc. USA and we are their exclusive distributors in India. We have incorporated the required changes in them for before the launch in the Indian market.



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