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Monday , 24 June 2024

India is moving towards ITS which is broadening the space for smarter ways of parking?

What are the market segments that Came India services?

Came Group is a leader in entrance automation, access control, video entry systems & home automation with renowned brands such as Came, Urbaco & BPT under its umbrella. The range of products includes automatic boom barriers, automatic parking management systems, turnstiles, CCTV, automatic retractable bollards, fixed bollards, specially designed bollards, high security bollards, sliding / swing gate operators, home automation, video door phone etc.

Since 1972, when it was established, CAME has managed to deliver a host of different solutions in the security, safety and automation industry, by engineering, manufacturing, distributing and servicing a comprehensive range of high quality products for sensitive, commercial and industrial applications. Came Group has 18 branches all across the world and has presence in more than 100 countries through 480 distributors. Came India, which was established in 2009, is a fully owned subsidiary of Italy based Came Group. It focusses and supports the ever-increasing entrance automation market of India and nearby countries. Came India conducts training programs to impart technical training to down the line channel partners & installers.

What are the advantages of a web-based pay parking system such as Came?s PS ONE?

Came parking systems PS ONE is a high end web-based solution for pay-parking with multilevel and reserved parking facilities. Modular, versatile, simple and intuitive, it is made for maximum connectivity and system integration. It offers easy, simple and safe parking management.

PS ONE exploits technology by making native ETHERNET interface devices. Its advantages are:

? The system lets you configure unlimited peripherals, such as automatic cash registers, entry and exit units, pedestrian monitors, and staffed pay stations. All these devices, connected to the Ethernet network running TCP/IP protocol, are managed through a central server, to which any number of devices can be connected.

? It is a modular solution especially engineered to meet the typical needs of small, medium and large parking facilities. It makes connecting to an Ethernet network extremely versatile as it can be done via optic fibres, WiFi connections or even mixed solutions.

? PS ONE features a Plate Reader and an OCR module for reading and recognizing license plates. It digitizes all license plates, including ones in Arabic. The Eye System module can associate, at each vehicle?s entry and exit, high definition images of all four sides of the vehicle. If needed, with a simple license plate or ticket search, the supervisor on duty can view previously recorded HD images, which is useful in applications such as to check for any vehicle damage claims.

? The SNMP protocol is used for remotely reaching the system and receiving & sending information or system-status notifications. This enables remote management of the parking system, or just monitoring the system or quickly responding to an emergency call. Each event is monitored in real time, enhancing service efficiency, while also controlling operating costs and transit safety.

? The automatic PS ONE cash register can manage all main modes of payment. Fitted with the latest generation displays, which are very simple and quick to use, it manages payments in the local currency with either coins or bank notes. To cut down on system supervisor intervention, the automatic cash register can be fitted with a change returning device for coins or bank notes, both of which are self-loading. It can also take all major credit cards and debit cards in the various international circuits. Customers can also pay with the more recent, innovative payment systems, such as NFC – Near Field Communication so that one can pay via cell phone or proximity card.

? The advanced PS ONE system lets those managing it boost productivity in their facility with specifications and agreements, discount packages with simple complimentary vouchers or with mobile devices, tablet PCs, smartphones etc. To this end, all PS ONE units can be fitted a 2D barcode reader. With rechargeable pre-paid cards, we can also custom-manage drivers who have registered for parking.

What is the outlook and market for automated pay parking systems in India?

Today India is moving towards intelligent transportation systems which is broadening the space for smarter ways of parking. The ongoing and upcoming smart city projects across India are creating business opportunities for smart parking management systems.

The high growth rate in the number of vehicles is expected to enhance the business potential of the parking management industry. License Plate Recognition (LPR) – based technologies are gaining high popularity in the parking management sector. The major LPR-based parking management solutions such as Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) and Pay-by-Plate are expected to experience high adoption rate, reducing the market share of the traditional technologies used in parking access control and revenue management.

Some highlights of the research and major products developed recently?

Came?s development of highly safe, reliable automated devices has led the company to evolve its engineering and products to high levels, and to spread a culture of safety. Came has developed many new products recently ? Zero E ? solar energy powered system for street barriers and gate operators, Fast40, Came?s signature operator, ideal for swing gates and for fitting to medium to large pillars, Volare – Came?s first operator for opening and closing one or two swing-leaf windows and shutters, Sipario ? a new solution for sliding doors and Neon Bollard – illuminated bollards with programmable light sequence.

Our products undergo the traditional checking and testing cycles during the normal manufacturing process, and also conform to the EN TESTED system norms. This means that each and every Came solution is manufactured and tested in compliance with the most stringent criteria imposed by the European Union in matters of impact forces. That is why it is readily certifiable by professional installers.

The entire range of Came automated products is the result of a quality production process, tested for wear and tear, extreme temperatures, and which undergoes specific functioning checks under conditions of simulated electromagnetic interference.

Your sister concern Urbaco offers traffic management and access control solutions?

Urbaco invented the first ever retractable bollards. Today, the company is the main player when it comes to access control and urban furnishing solutions. It also provides a full range of solutions for traffic management and security of public and private premises and sensitive installations: automatic and fixed bollards for a wide range of applications including restriction of parking spaces, regulation of urban flows and security for public or private buildings. URBACO also has high security bollards.

Established in 1986, Urbaco became part of CAME Group in 2004. This has allowed for even greater offering of products and services to municipal, industrial, commercial and residential users.

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