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Thursday , 30 May 2024

Video Intercom System

Aiphone IS Series from Aiphone, marketed in India by Diqu Tech Pvt Ltd, is a network-based IP intercom system that can make centralised security management simple and easy for both, small and large facilities. Its key features are video based monitoring and access control from a centralised location which can be done 24×7, thereby reducing costs. The Aiphone IS system can be used as a unified system for security, access control, remote monitoring, paging, communication, help desk and emergency assistance. The solution is quite suited for offices, airports, metro / railway stations, parking garages and apartments and small houses. The Aiphone IS series can connect up to 160 Master Stations, 160 Video Door Stations & 960 Audio Stations. It has a 170o wide angle camera with pan, tilt and zoom features which gives a panoramic view for better coverage and focussed viewing. It offers direct voice call between master stations and automatic call transfer for swift shift handling. Customised pre-recorded messages and sounds can be programmed to play at preset times. Automatic email notification with video or still photo attachment can be sent to the concerned personnel. For transportation systems such as airports and railway stations it provides an optimal security system and features such as internal communication between ticket machines, the various kiosks and reception, management of access to delivery entrances plus an emergency call facility from alarm points on the platforms.

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