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Wednesday , 22 May 2024

Vehicle friendly products

Frontier Polymers Pvt Ltd (FPPL) deals with Traffic Cones, Delineator Posts, Guide Posts, Water Filled Barrier Systems, Reflective Vests, Impact Barriers, Flexible Posts, Speed Bumps, Solar Blinkers, Light Batons, Corner Guard/Wall Protector, Parking Block, Inspection Mirrors and Signal Batons.

“Products like Anti Glare Screens, Lane Dividers, Rubber Rumble Strips, Speed Humps, Convex Mirrors, Safety Vests, Marshalling Torches and Traffic Cones which were either alien to our roads or of hazardous materials like iron and wood are being replaced by friendlier raw materials giving equal importance to the vehicles and drivers. All these products are available through our company,” says Yuvraj Singh Ahuja, Director, FPPL. He was recently awarded with the ‘Product of the Year–2010’ award at the STAR Conference in Goa for Flexible Bollard that will be launched soon.

FPPL’s Frontier Traffic Cones, known for their impact, strength and flexibility, come with high reflective sleeves for night time reflectivity. They weigh between 0.5kg and 4.2kg. Their height varies from 500mm to 750mm and bottom square is between 275mm and 385mm. Constructed in Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE), they are non-crushable/flexible/tear resistant, UV stabilised and made from non-fading colours. Company logos/messages can be printed on them. When stacked, they save 75% space and freight.

Orange coloured, strong and long lasting UV resistant Frontier Safety Fences are good for use at road work locations. Weighing around five kgs, they measure between one and 50 metres. Speed Bumps are made of rubber as a base material as it helps in good grip on the road. These black and yellow moisture and temperature resistant products are easy to install because of application of epoxy and bolts. Their reflectors and glass elements aid in better night vision. Owing to their modular designs and sections, they can be made to any specific length.

FPPL’s Guide Posts, constructed from High Impact LLDPE (Linear Low Density Polyethylent), have a tall body design. There are extra ribs at the bottom of the guide posts for proper ground fitting. Its Delineator Posts have rubber base with grip for extra stability and 6” & 9” reflective tape for night visibility. They are good for demarcating traffic flow and can be interlinked with nylon/plastic chains. Guide Post Reflectors are 100mm in diameter and 1440mm high while Delineator Posts are 1150mm high, have a base square of 430mm with the weight of rubber base being 3.5kg. Frontier Parking Blocks, made from recycled rubber, use three anchoring bolts per block of 55mm length. Each block weighs about 6kg and can withstand great pressures from reversing vehicles.

Frontier’s plastic Water Filled Safety Barriers are used as temporary barricading. As these high impact resistant safety barriers, road barriers and highway barriers are stackable, they save storage space. Made from UV stabilised and non-fading polymer, they provide clear vision to pedestrians and vehicles around hazardous areas. They can be positioned quickly and easily. “Till 1998 when we began making water filled road barriers, the concept of using a water filled road barrier did not exist and the need to use such products was not felt,” says Ahuja.

Frontier Polymers is also promoting road safety in India by running ‘I Love Traffic Rules’ campaign among school and college children.

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