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Wednesday , 22 May 2024

Vehicle Classifiers

TRS Plus vehicle classifiers from IRD Inc. offer superior data collection capability and can be used for a wide variety of traffic data collection and vehicle classification purposes. Supplied by IRD South Asia Pvt Ltd in India, the classifiers have two modes of operation – active and passive. In the passive mode, they can be used by government agencies to collect data for congestion management, signal timing and planning. In the active mode, they meet a wide range of ITS requirements. Portable models can be optionally equipped with a solar panel. Data can be downloaded from the site without interrupting the data collection process. The range of models available is: Mini TRS, TRS Plus (WIM) and TRS Plus Rack (WIM).

The Mini TRS and TRS Plus traffic counters/classifiers are used for temporary traffic studies, while the TRS Plus Rack model may be installed permanently for traffic data collection. The Mini TRS uses road tube sensors alone, while the TRS Plus uses a combination of road tube sensors, inductive loop sensors and/or piezo weigh-in-motion sensors. The TRS Plus Rack gives users the option of using inductive loop sensors or piezo weigh-in-motion sensors. All models come with rechargeable batteries, which last up to 45 days of use. When not in use, the batteries need to be recharged just once every three months. The three models feature a real-time clock, a standard 2GB memory, a 20-character by 4-line display, support for RS232 and USB ports, and can classify up to eight lanes of vehicles. All three products have a FHWA 15-category classification or user-set classification table, and meet or exceed TMG and ASTM standards. The Mini TRS and Mini TRS Plus models are supplied in cast aluminium cases, while the TRS Plus Rack model comes in a sheet metal card cage.

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