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Thursday , 13 June 2024

Vehicle Detection System and ANPR

AI Traffic Incidence Detection (Video Incidence Detection) system from AllGoVision Technolgies Pvt Ltd helps in detecting illegal parking in ‘No Parking’ area, wrong way, overspeeding and sudden- stop detection in the middle of the road indicating accident. The system also helps in vehicle classification, colour detection, multi-lane vehicle counting and reports garbage or litter on the road.

The detection system is utilized globally across different verticals like City surveillance, Transport (Airports) and in Smart city projects. The state- of-the-art artificial intelligence technology is optimized for best field performance for the Indian market.

The highly accurate system is available on cloud and is fast to search. The GUI-enabled and web-based application is easy for user interaction.

AllGoVision’s Advanced Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is ideal for entry/ exit/ tollbooth vehicle monitoring, traffic surveillance, parking management and smart city traffic enforcement (ITMS). The system can be used with red-light violation detection integrated with RTO (e-Challan). It also works with other violation detection like illegal parking, speeding and wrong-way. The ANPR helps in real-time detection and recognition.

The state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence technology has highest accuracy with >99% Detection and >96% Recognition on readable plates. The ANPR can also recognise non-standard plates (trained for Indian Traffic Scenarios). Fast to search and easily available on cloud, the multi-country LPR is experienced with large and proven installations across the globe in 30+ countries. It ensures best ROI.

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