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Friday , 23 February 2024

Use of Technology to Enhance Transport Safety

RC Divakar

RC Divakar, Associate General Manager, Transport Safety, Linde, global industrial gases and engineering company writes about how use of technology in all aspects of transport: operations, delivery practices and processes has enhanced the company’s safety culture.


A structured methodology is applied to ensure drivers with the ‘Right Aptitude & Skills” to perform the job safely are selected. State-of-the-art Driver Simulator is used to evaluate the driver’s driving skills.

This Heavy Vehicle Driving Simulator is equipped with basic to advanced and customized simulations of real road situations. It is used during the selection process and also in assessing and enhancing driver’s skills to handle difficult & challenging situations.


Linde vehicles are equipped with safety features like ABS (Anti-Lock Brake System), EBS (Electronic Brake System) – for Semi-Trailers. Installation of these systems warrants for change in the way a driver applies brakes. Each driver is taken through audio–video-based classroom sessions and practical training to understand the difference between ABS and Non-ABS braking techniques. A specially designed semi-trailer, equipped with an outrigger & other safety systems is used to train the drivers on these systems.

Another important feature made mandatory is to equip all the trucks with “Auto Slack Adjusters”. The function of the ASA is to compensate for the wear in both brake lining and brake drum while maintaining a constant stroke of the actuator.

Vehicle Gadgets

To ensure monitoring of driver’s skills, all trucks are installed with 06 channel cameras. 360-degree view recordings of trucks are reviewed after every trip and feedback is provided to the drivers.

Fatigue & Distraction Monitoring:

One key feature of the In-Cab camera is continuous monitoring of fatigue & distraction. The camera is placed on the dashboard, facing the driver which monitors, detects signs of fatigue & distractions, and alerts the driver immediately through a voice alert and vibrator placed under the driver’s seat. Simultaneously, recording of the event is sent to 24X7 monitoring center – Transport Operation Center.

Drivers feel this feature is their best companion since it helps them in preventing serious incidents.

Driver Coaching

This is a unique program to ensure one-to-one coaching for each driver. Highly skilled driver coaches are assigned to every driver in the ratio of 1:50 to ensure appropriate attention is given to individual driver’s skill enhancement. These driver coaches keep track of their assigned driver’s performance through In-cab camera reviews, surprise checks, feedback from co-drivers, etc., and conduct counseling/coaching sessions at regular intervals.

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