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Friday , 19 July 2024


Came India recently launched Wing40, a motorised swing gate turnstile that is elegant, quiet and extremely fast. It is ideal for access control in hotels, banks, showrooms and establishment entrances. With a diameter of just 168mm, Wing40 contains the circuit board, power supply and electric brake incorporated in the device, which makes it easier and faster to install and adjust the turnstile. The programming and function display screen is located in an easily accessible place. Wing40 can be locked, allowing access only to authorised users. The Memory Roll, on the other hand, means that the chosen configuration and the profiles of the users permitted access can be saved. The illuminated ring, built into the device, warns that the gate is moving with a red light (closing movement), green light (opening movement) or blue light (gate closing warning). The gates can be customised or branded, with the logo of the hotel or sports centre where they are installed, for example. Wing40 has also been designed to facilitate access for persons with disabilities. The turnstile, which also comes in a double gate version, is available with four types of gates, made from either Plexiglas or glass and measuring 600 or 900mm in length, enabling the management of particularly wide pedestrian openings measuring up to 1850mm. It has adjustable, internal mechanical stops. It provides for safe access and movement. The opening is performed by button, photocell or with transponder card and magnetic card reading. There is a crown light for signalling leaf movement. It uses an encoder technology which is reversible. In the event of a blackout, the automation allows manual opening for both entry and exit.

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