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Saturday , 22 June 2024

Traffic signboards

Roots Marketing Agencies of Delhi manufactures various signages. Its signboards – Type 3 to type 11 – are used for various applications. They are rivetless signages – with no screws. Its solar traffic signs are ideal for hazard warning systems and many other traffic management applications. They are bright and easy to read. The company offers a wide range of solar powered signages based on the latest technology. They can be placed on the road, at junctions, entrances or on curved roads to help the drivers from an effective distance. The super bright LED lights emit vibrant flashing light and can be seen clearly from an approxmate distance of 500 metres. The lights are completely self-contained and require no external wiring. The company offers different types of road signs that are in accordance with the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. These are made available in sizes as per IRC – 67 – 2001 (code of practice for road signs).

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