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Tuesday , 16 April 2024

Traffic management on MTHL

The Mumbai Trans Harbour Link (MTHL), the 21.8km road bridge connects Mumbai with Navi Mumbai. The project has many unique features and state of the art technologies. With 6-lane (3+3 lane) highway + emergency lane on either side, the road bridge demands high level of traffic management system to ease congestion and enable smooth flow of traffic. One main area being addressed is the toll management system. Efkon Strabag has developed a system with multiple tolling options. The Hybrid Gantry Tolling System has three modes of operation Stop & Go, Open Barrier and Open Road Tolling. This would not only cut down on waiting time at the Toll Plaza ensuring smooth travel but also significantly reduce carbon emissions by an estimated 47,421* tons annually (projected basis forecasted vehicular traffic).

For commuter safety, there is an AI-based incident detection system, thermal cameras, and a 24X7 control center providing peace of mind during travel. An ANPR system was also installed for effective monitoring and quick response in emergencies.

To maintain environmental balance, the project’s lighting was designed with BNHS certification, to protect marine life and migratory cycles. The mesmerizing lighting design, resembling a golden ribbon, enhances the bridge’s beauty.

Beautiful lighting on the bridge sides adds to the aesthetics and can be remotely controlled through the CCMS system.

All the interventions planned, and implemented will help cut down the travel time from over two hours to a mere 20 minutes and projected fuel saving of 20.6 million liters. The project is anticipated to have 70,000 vehicular traffic plying daily across the stretch. On the first day of its opening itself more than 25,000 vehicles crossed the bridge!

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