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Monday , 22 July 2024

Traffic data collection and road safety

Harpeet Singh, Managing Partner of AJS Scale International says his company does not face any problem integrating its traffic and parking products as it has associates that solve all the integration related challenges

What are the key solutions offered by your company?

Most of the ITS products being used in India have been introduced by us over time since 1989 and/ or we were involved with them in some manner. We have categorized these products broadly into two sections namely, traffic data collection equipment including road profilers, and all road safety products. We also provide efficient services & consultancy for traffic data collection.

Our equipment & products conform to state-of-the-art technology available the world over. These products belong to Toll Management systems, Weigh-in-Motion systems, Axle Load pads, Automatic Traffic counters-cum-classifiers, Traffic Speed Checking systems, Breath Alcohol Analyzers and Road Measurement Data Acquisition Systems. All our products are highly reliable, easy to use and user-friendly. Easy to be integrated, they are robust, weatherproof and therefore, have a healthy long service life. All these features have made our products most popular among the concerned Government and private organizations, Consultants, Service Providers and end users.

How has the response been at the Trafficinfratech Expo?

The response from our potential clients has been quite encouraging during the exhibition. The reason is two-fold: First, our state-of-the-art products and second, the efforts of the organizers to efficiently encourage the potential users and concerned authorities to visit the exhibition with enthusiasm. We have realized that due to our representation of being high-tech leaders, various authorities do make it a point to visit us in this exhibition to know more about our products, added features and technological advancement.

How do you find the market for your technologies in India?

India is a fast growing country and needs high-tech products to match the developed nations. We started providing Intelligent Transport Systems 28 years ago, bringing technologies from reputed companies from advanced countries. National Highway Authority of India was formally made an autonomous body in 1995 and we were very active with NHAI in the initial projects of toll systems & traffic data collection. In fact, CRRI had already tested our equipment and expertise with full satisfaction for the projects of the Ministry of Surface Transport. The Ministry also bought many equipment from us to be used all over the country for Traffic Data Collection through engineering colleges and public works departments.

Where all have you implemented the technology?

Apart from CRRI, Ministry and MSRDC, various engineering colleges including the IITs have also bought ITS equipment from us. In 1999 MSRDC, under the guidance of Nitin Gadkari, the then PWD minister of Maharashtra, bought equipment from us and utilized our services. He was very keen on having reliable Traffic Data in Maharashtra and chose us for this job. Toll systems were also introduced on all the entry points in Mumbai by MSRDC with AJS as one of the technology and equipment providers.

What problems/challenges do you face in integrating your traffic and parking products/ systems with other systems?

We do not face any problem integrating our traffic and parking products. Our technologically advanced barrier gates and security systems are user-friendly. Also, we have associates who solve all the integration related challenges with our products.

We want to impart our advanced knowhow to many more potential buyers, both in the Government and private sectors so that our country comes at par with the developed countries in this sector. For this, we have a dedicated support team.

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