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Thursday , 16 May 2024

Tolling Solutions from BEA

Vehicle Separation

In the toll industry, Belgium based BEA’s TOF (Time of Flight) based Laser scanner solution is highly compact in design, enables the complete coverage of the detection field, and acts as a perfect replacement for light curtain, ensuring a high degree of accuracy.

Vehicle Classification

  • Streamline traffic congestion with high efficiency, even in rush hours or bad weather
  • Improve the electronic toll collection accuracy while avoiding safety hazards and tailgating with precise vehicle detection and separation
  • Energy Saving via maintaining the traffic flow and reducing the emission of vehicles and carbon

 Founded in 1965, BEA has a worldwide presence with offices in Europe, Asia, the United States, and Latin America. The company develops versatile cutting-edge sensors for the safety and activation of automated systems, including pedestrian and industrial automatic doors, vehicle gates and barriers, transportation systems, security access control, and retail sensing applications.

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