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Wednesday , 27 September 2023

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Radar Systems

via traffic controlling GmbH offers speed display panels, high performance radar technology and traffic data capture solutions together with the associated software for various applications in road traffic. As an expert of radar systems & the collection of traffic statistics the company provides sustainable and valid data on traffic volumes. The displays and measuring equipment are produced in accordance with ...

Need for Quality Traffic Data in India

Traffic Survey is a very small profile in the Infrastructure Industry, but indeed plays a vital role in deciding the success of an entire project. All major Infrastructure projects starts with planning and traffic data is the main input for the planning process. This shows how important the traffic data is and its need for accuracy. There are different Data ...

Traffic Counters, Controllers and Classifiers

Ultra Technologies Pvt Ltd ITS  solution Unicam® is the state-of-the-art and field-proven platform (hardware + software)  for creation of the multifunction ITS dedicated for the road traffic market sector, including traffic safety, operations and information. It includes video-detection and image processing software, intelligent (smart) cameras, real-time processing units, lighting units, application software, etc. for Weight-In-Motion System (UnicamWIM); Section Speed Control ...

Traffic Counters, Controllers and Classifiers

Samarth Softech Solutions Pvt Ltd Traffic Study Solution Traffic study solution uses traditional manual traffic counting method as well as different traffic counters such as ATCC – Automatic Traffic Counters cum  Classifiers. ATCC uses latest technologies such as tube based traffic counters-cum-classifiers, loop & sensor based traffic counters-cum-classifiers and in-camera traffic counting using high resolution night vision infrared cameras.

Traffic Counters, Controllers and Classifiers

i4 Traffic Research Pvt Ltd Traffic Survey Specialist Over 20 years of specialist experience. ISO 9000:2001 certified with best-practice methodologies. Offers Video-based Classified Turning Movement Counts, Automatic Traffic Counts, Speed Surveys, Journey Time Studies, Parking Surveys, Footfall Counts, Pedestrian Tracking Studies, Road Safety Audits, Queue Length & Saturation Surveys, Origin-Destination Interviews and Trip Generation Studies.

Traffic Counters, Controllers and Classifiers

Traficon VIP-IPVideo Detection Solution Video Image Processing (VIP) module used for traffic monitoring, automatic incident detection and traffic data collection. Can connect to a broad range of IP cameras, supporting both MPEG-4 and new H.264 video compression schemes. Provides real-time data and image information for optimal traffic control and fast, accurate incident detection. Instant operator warning, logging and recording of ...

Traffic Counters, Controllers and Classifiers

Kistler EzBox Type 5275A Traffic Data Logger Is connected to Lineas WIM sensors. Calculates key vehicle data such as axle load, gross vehicle weight, vehicle speed and number of axles. High weighing accuracy of better than five percent. Wide speed range – from 1kmph to 200kmph. Wide temperature range (-20˚C to 5˚C). Measures axle load up to 50 tonnes. Also ...

Efstronics Systems Pvt Ltd

Wireless Road Traffic Signal System Eliminates road trenching and physical cabling between traffic signals. Does synchronisation between the junctions. Maintains standard time and duration in a sequence. Works even during power supply failures. Maintains hour-wise and day-wise sequences in a week. Three in one Lamp.  

MetroCount Pty Ltd

MetroCount 5600 Stores information of every axle of a vehicle to give reliable vehicle volume, speed and classification data. Easily replaceable alkaline battery packs allow continuous surveys of around 290 days, even longer with less frequent use. All MetroCount roadside units include a free copy of MetroCount’s windows based Traffic Executive software.

MassTrans Systems (P) Ltd

Automatic Traffic Counters & Classifiers (ATCC) Keep a count of vehicles for a specific highway segment and process traffic data, crucial for instant management of traffic flow. Allow custom, length-based classification of vehicles up to three classes. Have improved data collection equipment. Continuous data collected can be used as input for traffic management systems and other operational purposes.