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Wednesday , 21 February 2024

Tag Archives: Toll roads

Real-Time Ridesharing Texas Experiments with Toll Roads and Carpools

Recent trends in multi-modal planning seek to make our passenger transportation systems more efficient. What role might smartphones have in how people get where they’re going? An experiment sponsored by the United States Federal Highway Administration is underway to find out. What is real-time ridesharing? Real-time ridesharing (or “dynamic ridesharing”) apps match carpool partners at the time the trip is ...

State-of-the-Art or Fit-for-Purpose

Adopting state-of-the-art techniques just for personal vanity or CV building is likely to backfire in developing economies like India. India has quite different baseline conditions from western cities, more than simple quantitative differences in income levels and a different vehicle mix. Such differences must be borne in mind when determining ways to analyse the transport patterns for new transport infrastructure and policies, writes Richard Di Bona.

GMR Infrastructure to sell stake

GMR Infrastructure plans to sell a major portion of its holdings in three toll projects in its efforts to reduce its debt, The company has an investment of around ?1800 crore in toll roads ? three toll roads and three annuity roads under operation spanning around 421 km. Another 309km of annuity-based toll roads are under construction. Further, there are ...