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Thursday , 16 May 2024

Tag Archives: Sustainable Transport

Sustainable Transport Policies for Bengaluru

Experts from the Indian Institute of Science have come up with several technical measures that can be adopted to transform the city’s traffic situation. The experts are of the opinion that the implementation of sustainable transport policies will decongest the Bengaluru traffic and mitigate emissions from vehicles. Bengaluru, has been a subject of mockery when it comes to traffic woes. ...

Interview With:Jamshyd Godrej, Best global practices must be emulated

He dons a corporate hat. But Jamshyd N Godrej?s social consciousness gives his business acumen a tough competition. Chairman & Managing Director of Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd, Godrej is striving his best towards making cities sustainable through World Resource Institute India of which he is the Chairman. He travels by public transport often to understand the way it ...

How to create A Great City?

In our Urban Design section this time, we discuss certain issues that go in making a city green, and also address the pedestrian and traffic woes, instead of writing about the design of a structure

Difficulties in implementing Bus Reforms

Most of the state governments and city administrations are not yet ready to accept the fact that bus-based systems can help solve the traffic and mobility problems of urban India. This is what Madhav Pai, Director, EBARQ India and Centre for Sustainable Transport, and publisher of the ‘Bus Karo’ Project, feels. Bus Karo Project is a guidebook published by Centre ...

Designing Infrastructure for Bicycles

Delhi’s successful experimentation with providing the much needed infrastructure for cyclists needs to be replicated in other cities of India as well. Apart from reducing the traffic load on the roads, it will lead to environmental benefits too.