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Wednesday , 17 July 2024

Tag Archives: Ranjit Gadgil

Urban Safety: The two-wheeler phenomenon

Ranjit Gadgil, Programme Director, Parisar, discusses the safety risks associated with the ever-increasing use of two wheelers in the country, and the need to improve public transport. Pune, once known as a ?cycling city? has very rapidly transformed into a ?two-wheeler? city, a process which began in the late 80s, accelerating throughout the 90s. With the turn of the century, ...

Cost-Benefit Analysis for Transport Projects

Public transport projects are often delayed or put on hold for a variety of reasons ? reasons that are often not based on the real problems of the project. Ranjit Gadgil, Programme Director of Pune-based Parisar, takes a look at Cost Benefit Analysis, a tool for evaluating transportation projects.

Residential Parking Permits – Managing Local Area Parking

As vehicle numbers soar unabated in Indian cities, once peaceful residential areas are becoming battlegrounds for parking, with residents also battling outsiders who usurp local parking. Ranjit Gadgil, Programme Director, Parisar, looks at how Residential Parking Permits offer a way out for tackling this problem. The principles of sustainable urban transport stress the need for cities that promote public and ...

Promoting bicycles & reducing congestion

Public Bicycle Schemes are a great way to popularise the use of bicycles among the youth as well as working professionals. Ranjit Gadgil, Programme Director, Parisar, a Pune based NGO, discusses these schemes around the world and the challenges in implementing them in India. A study by the Ministry of Urban Development in 2008 revealed that cycling had dropped from ...