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Monday , 24 June 2024

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Big data in transportation: the key to future mobility?

Cities all over the world are struggling with congestion. Traffic data analytics can be the key to solving mobility problems. Bogota is the most congested city in the world according to the Global Traffic Scorecard that was recently published by Inrix. On average, drivers lose 191 hours per year in the Colombian capital due to traffic jams. Boston is ranked ...

Artificial intelligence will be the driving force soon

Dr Amalendu Chatterjee, Co-founder & VP-Technology, Eximsoft International argues in favour of Robust Web Parking Portal (RWPP) for the parking industry. “Incremental addition of technologies may add some values but a big structural overhaul with a long term vision is necessary”, he says in this detailed piece on autonomous vehicles and artificial intelligence for a new parking business model. Thanks ...