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Friday , 21 June 2024

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Common Mobility Payments for Micro-Mobility

As India’s cities expand, the challenges of traffic congestion, pollution, and inadequate transportation infrastructure continue to grow. Micro-mobility –comprising small, lightweight vehicles like electric scooters, bicycles, and e-bikes – has emerged as a promising solution for short-distance travel. However, to fully harness its potential, integrating common mobility payments into the system is crucial, states Preetesh Singh, Specialist CASE and Alternate ...

Greening Last Mile delivery through E-Micro-Mobility

E-Micro Mobility feat

According to Amit Bhatt, Executive Director and Jagriti Arora, Project Associate, WRI India Ross Center, the partnership between delivery platforms and micro-mobility startups during this pandemic has been mutually beneficial Grammarians call the act of converting a noun into a verb denominalization or verbing. Google it, Skyped, or Dunzo it are three examples of verbing with Dunzo it perhaps being ...

Ensuring Seamless Access

public transport - KMTA

KR Jyothilal, Principal Secretary, Transport Department, Government of Kerala The Kerala Government has been taking initiatives to provide seamless travel by building an integrated multimodal urban transportation system in the state. The formation of Kochi Metropolitan Transport Authority is one major step in strengthening the mobility system in Kochi. KR Jyothilal, Principal Secretary, Transport Department, Government of Kerala, spoke to ...