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Saturday , 20 April 2024

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Envoys Traffic Light gets CE certification

Envoys Electronics’ LED based traffic light has been awarded the CE certification. Other products which have been approved for CE Certification include toll transaction light / traffic light, traffic blinker light and fog light. Envoys Electronics makes a diverse range of products for the traffic industry – road traffic signals, variable message signs, dynamic traffic signs for highway traffic management ...

Envoys Electronics

Toll Lane Light 200mm diameter LED-based Traffic Light mountable on poles. Synchronised with lane barrier for entry of vehicles. Low power consumption with night dimming. IP 65 protection for LED kit. High quality polycarbonate clear lens. Available in AC and DC versions. ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————– User Fare / Patron Fare Display A compact, LED based alpha-numerical display with choice of single / ...

Envoys Electronics

Parking Display A microprocessor based system for parking lots which displays the number of vacant parking spaces available and parking bay number on an electronic display board at the entrance. Also, indicates direction a vehicle has to move in for getting to a vacant parking place. Records the number of vehicles entering and leaving the parking lot during a specific ...


Lineas Quartz Sensor Type 9195F A quartz sensor to measure the wheel and axle loads, and to determine the vehicle gross weight under rolling traffic conditions. Excellent long-term stability with wide measuring range: slow to high-speed. Very high natural frequency and signal dynamic. Adaptive to different pavement characteristics. Applications include overload detection, weight dependent tolling and pavement management sstems.