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Thursday , 20 June 2024

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Rooted in ‘Make In India’


Rasmeet Kohli, Managing Director, Envoys Electronics Pvt Ltd, shares with TrafficInfraTech the challenges in providing customised project solutions and how important it is to believe in Make in India Envoys is a five-decade old company pioneering in the vast spectrum of Road Traffic management and safety solutions: Right from concept to commissioning of Traffic Signalling Systems, Variable Message Signs (VMS), ...

Interview: “Our strategy is to offer a strongly differentiated solution to complex transportation”

Telematics 1

In an Interview with TrafficInfraTech, Vipen Malhotra, President, Arya Omnitalk Wireless Solutions Pvt Ltd says that with both its in-house designed hardware (GPS units) as well as state-of-the-art web platform offerings, the Company has an enviable list of happy customers from the industry’s reputed players Arya Omnitalk is the market leader in many areas — the main ones being vehicle ...

ITS camera from Prama Hikvision for road safety and traffic flow


The new all-rounder ITS camera from Prama Hikvision is engineered with an all-in-one structure, embedding video, radar, and supplemental light in one module, helping traffic authorities to easily ramp up the detection of violations. It is designed to improve road safety and optimize traffic flow. The camera encompasses different skills and abilities, boasting speed detection, traffic violation detection, automated plate ...

Case-Study FLIR dual-vision cameras for automatic incident detection

FLIR Case Study feat

FLIR was selected to provide intelligent dual-vision cameras with embedded Automatic Incident Detection (AID) to be installed in the new Hundvåg and Eiganes tunnels in Norway. The cameras now alert tunnel operators on a variety of possible traffic incidents, including stopped vehicles, lost cargo and pedestrians, allowing emergency services to react fast. Norway has a complex geography. The many fjords, ...

Genetec: Traffic Operations Portfolio

Gentec Feat

Rising urbanization and increasingly interconnected cities are pressuring traffic agencies to modernize. But with overwhelmed staff, limited operational oversight, and slow adoption of new technology, it can be challenging to keep pace. Traffic agencies are striving to provide better driving conditions. For this, they need to collaborate with other agencies, as traffic operators require a complete picture of events to ...